Traffic Signal / Overhead Sign Structures

traffic-signalTraffic signals and overhead sign structures for highways all require large anchor bolts to firmly hold the structures in place. These structures are often fabricated by the same companies that manufacture lighting poles.  Due to the amount of elements and bearing load these large structures hold, the anchor bolts are typically very large in diameter and long in length. The most common type of anchor bolt used in these structures is a straight rod with threads on each end. The anchor bolts are typically used in a 4-bolt or 8-bolt pattern and are fixed in place with templates which match the traffic signal or overhead sign structure base.

overhead-signBecause overhead sign structures are used on highways, the projects almost always require 100% domestic materials due to the Department of Transportation (DOT) involvement. The anchor bolts also typically need to be inspected by a DOT officer before the bolts are installed. It is critical that if your project has DOT involvement and/or government funds that you are aware of the domestic and inspection requirements before ordering the anchor bolts. Any bolts found out of conformance with the DOT requirements will be rejected.