tee-assembly-2There are two types of rods which are commonly used in the lighting industry: thread-each-end rods and fully threaded rods. Anchor rods are embedded into the concrete with large templates to provide pullout resistance and proper spacing for the anchor bolts to match the base of the light pole or traffic signal. Depending on the style of the pole, the base plate for the pole will have a bolt pattern which the anchor rods must align with for a perfect fit. This is why many anchor rod assemblies for the lighting industry are sold with bolt templates or template straps to match the configuration of the base plate on the pole.

If the pole base has a triangular bolt pattern, the rods will commonly have 6 nuts, 2 washers and 2 template straps per rod. For circular and square bolt patterns, anchor rods commonly have 6 nuts and 6 washers per rod with 2 templates per set of anchor bolts (1 set = 4 anchor rods).


Anchor rods for the lighting industry are most commonly manufactured in two grades of the F1554 specification, Grade 55 and Grade 105. However, they are also manufactured in Grade 36 and A449, as well as other grades depending on the situation. Portland Bolt keeps a variety of WSDOT and ODOT standard anchor rods in stock and these sizes can be found below.

Common Sizes

The following tables show the available stock parts at Portland Bolt. These tables give an idea of what sizes and configurations of light pole anchor bolts are readily available.  Nonstandard light pole anchor bolts in virtually any ASTM grade, size, and configuration can be manufactured with very short lead times.

Anchor Rods (thread each end)

Part Number Diameter Length Grade Top Thread Bottom Thread Finish
17745 1" 39" F1554 grade 36 6" 114" Galvanized
18500 1" 54" F1554 grade 105 12" 4" Galvanized
18499 114" 38" F1554 grade 105 6" 3" Galvanized
17747 114" 39" F1554 grade 36 12" 112" Galvanized
18502 114" 52" F1554 grade 105 18" 8" Galvanized
18507 112" 60" F1554 grade 105 18" 8" Galvanized
18508 2" 60" F1554 grade 105 18" 8" Galvanized

All Thread Rods

Part Number Diameter Length Grade Finish
17638 1/2" 18” F1554 Grade 55 Galvanized
17641 1/2” 24” F1554 Grade 55 Galvanized
17636 1/2" 26” F1554 Grade 55 Galvanized
17639 1/2" 28” F1554 Grade 55 Galvanized

Recommended nuts and washers

Grade Identification Size Inches Recommended A563 Nut Washer
Plain Finish Hot-Dip or Mechanical Zinc Coated
Grade Style Grade Style
36 ASTM F1554 Grade 36 1/4 – 1-1/2 A Hex A Hex F436
1-5/8 – 4 A Heavy Hex A Heavy Hex
55 ASTM F1554 Grade 55 1/4 – 1-1/2 A Hex A Heavy Hex F436
1-5/8 – 4 A Heavy Hex A Heavy Hex
105 ASTM F1554 Grade 105 1/4 – 1-1/2 D1 Heavy Hex DH2 Heavy Hex F436
1-5/8 – 3 DH2 Heavy Hex DH2 Heavy Hex
A449 14 to 112 B Hex DH Heavy Hex F436
>112 to 3 A Heavy Hex DH Heavy Hex

1 A563 grade D nuts are rarely available. A563 grade DH or A194 grade 2H should be substituted.
2 The availability of A563 grade DH nuts in nominal sizes 1″ and larger is very limited and generally available only on special orders of 50,000 or more. For smaller quantities, ASTM A194 grade 2H should be considered.