Light Pole Anchor Bolts

traffic-signal-anchor-boltsIn the light pole industry, anchor bolts play a key role in all construction processes. Every type of light pole and traffic signal pole requires anchor bolts to keep the structures securely in place. Most people go through their days never taking notice to anchor bolts projecting from the concrete around the pole bases. These anchor bolts are an integral part of our everyday lives and provide safe lighting features not only on our highways and roads, but also in our parking lots and along the sidewalks in our own neighborhoods.


Because anchor bolts for lighting applications are commonly used for projects along the highway, they are often federally funded and have to conform to some sort of Buy America Act with 100% domesticity and require complete certification documents. Most Department of Transportation (DOT) projects require domestic products accompanied by mill test reports. Sometimes the anchor bolts and accessory items have to be inspected by a DOT officer with a stamp of approval before the light pole anchor bolts can be shipped.

Common Configurations

Light pole anchor bolts come in a variety of configurations including rods with threads on each end, fully threaded rods and bent anchor bolts.

tee-assembly bent-assembly atr-assembly tee-assembly-2