Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What should I do if my order was not DOT inspected before it shipped out from the manufacturer?

There are a couple different options available to contractors if their project required a DOT inspection but the fasteners were not inspected before shipping from the manufacturer. Probably the simplest option is to have a DOT inspector come directly to the jobsite and approve the bolts at the jobsite. For an on-site inspection, the contractor would need to have a hard copy of all the certification documents ready upon inspection. The other option is to ship the bolts back to the manufacturer for an in-house inspection. This option can sometimes take more time with transit time in both directions along with scheduling the inspection.

What does the term “BC” stand for in regard to light pole anchor bolts?

The abbreviation “BC” stands for the term “Bolt Circle” in the lighting industry. All light poles have a circular bolt pattern which is determined by the size of the pole base. This pattern allows contractors to align the anchor bolts in the pole base pattern so that once the concrete has set and the light pole is situated, the bolts will fit perfectly with the light pole base. Most straight anchor rods for the lighting industry are sold with templates that are manufactured to be an exact match to the pole base. This allows contractors an easy installation method for the anchor bolts before the concrete is poured.